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Illustration by Rafika Aulia

Indeed, technical skill in technology is a worthy asset in today’s digital world. However, startup ideas by the IT master alone would mean nothing if they can’t solve the problem in society. Otherwise, an idea without a practical approach is just an idea that far from giving impact. A digital product initiated by a business — or sometimes called a “startup” — needs a multidisciplinary approach that can only be produced with the cooperation of experts in different fields. In this fast-growing digital ecosystem, the option to ‘outsource’ your IT team is now available. Such a service is provided by…

Illustration by Rafika Aulia

Earlier this year, WhatsApp announced an update to its application policy where WhatsApp can share user information with its parent company, Facebook. Initially, WhatsApp gave a deadline for its users to accept the policy until February 8th. But WhatsApp extended it until May 15th.

Why is this policy update so controversial? That is because the policy will interfere with user privacy. In this policy, Whatsapp will share user data with other applications owned by Facebook, such as Messenger and Instagram, with the aim of integrating them all to make it easier for users’ businesses.

Previously WhatsApp has shared data with…

Illustration by Teddy Tri Murdianto

Working with a team seems to be a little bit challenging for some people. The debate over teamwork already becomes a matter in almost every workplace. Whether it is at an in-house office or the remote one. The struggle to run along the time to catch deadlines, complete tasks, and managing teamwork can be frustrating anyways. When handling multiple individuals on a teamwork project, it’s not an easy job to monitor every individual’s need to exactly do their work precisely so the whole project could be executed well.

Project management and people management is the core of implementing good teamwork…

Illustration by Teddy Tri Murdianto

In January 2021, a social audio app called Clubhouse began to be heard globally. A less than one-year app that becomes sensational recently. A platform that allows you to make a room and talk or have conversations with your friends, colleagues, even strangers in real-time. It’s just like a group chat room. But with a scale from two people talking up to thousands of people talking and interacting in a single room. Hundreds and thousands of people began to download the app, although it needs a special invitation from the current approved users to get in the app itself. And…

Illustration by Teddy Tri Murdianto

Do you ever feel anxious seeing notifications, messages, or emails as you fear that something is about to go wrong at any moment? Do you tend to accept compliments and good news only than getting informed holistically? Maybe you’re experiencing the ostrich effect.

Do not mix the “good vibes only” and the “ostrich effect” as both foci only on the good news. It is okay that you prefer to hear good news as it boosts your mood, but do not get it wrong because the two phenomena are entirely different.

Ostriches are, fictionally (I’ll explain it later), known for their…

Illustration by Teddy Tri Murdianto

The digital transformation has already changed human civilization as we are welcoming the era of digitalization that affected almost all sectors of human needs and conditions. Decades ago, we relied on human-centered products and services that involved more human power over their progress. The first industrial revolution already shaped the 19th and 20th centuries with the rise of mechanical — mostly steam and coal-powered — engines to boost production. The next century comes with more shine and bright era to enhance the industry and better life quality for the workers, thanks to electricity. Now we encounter the next step of…

Illustration by Teddy Tri Murdianto

Stress is a prevailing issue for us as a human. In adult life, work matter is often the common trigger of it. It can be in the form of an unimaginable amount of work, deadlines, or even an unfriendly workplace. If someone has no more energy to handle the endless stress they face, then burnout is inevitable.

The pressure is undoubtedly higher in a fast-paced, and highly contentious environment called the tech industry. It is because the tech workers are often challenged to build something that has never existed before. There is no specific handbook to follow but brief and…

Illustration by Teddy Tri Murdianto

Do you ever rush into a shopping mall at the end of November or December? Scrambled with the others to be the one who brings out the desired goods at a discount. In recent years there are annual events to boost commercial sales by giving promos and discounts. These events are used to encourage customers to buy more goods. They would buy more than they need because the prices are cut down as much cheaper as they can afford. …

Illustration by Teddy Tri Murdianto

At Glovory, we see security as one of our expertise. We help businesses and brands across the world maintain their security requirements and implement a vast number of special safeguards across all our clients’ websites. But down at the individual level, people still need to take simple steps to stay safe online, so we’ve put together a few handy tips to get you started.

1. Tighten up your primary email security

Be careful with your primary email account, because it is like your master key. …

Illustration by Teddy Tri Murdianto

In a literal definition, a Portfolio is a large, thin case used for carrying documents, papers, or drawings. However, today, the term “portfolio” has transformed its meaning into a digital display of a collection of illustrations, designs, or anything representing a person’s work.

Before you decided to build your portfolio online, the first essential thing to do is research. It would help you find a settled platform that suits your needs. You don’t want to lose your time for a repetitive trial and error on several platforms, don’t you?

By reading this article, you are about to have your preliminary…


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